Tips on teen drinking


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Five Tips on teen drinking1. Parents need to set examples that their teens can model. IYS (Illinois Youth) surveys clearly show that mom and dad are far and away the leading influencers in their child’s life.

2. Parents and teens need to have a code word for situations, such as teen parties, where the teen can call the parent and say a shared code word that tells mom or dad to come get me…I don’t feel comfortable where I’m at.
3. Parents need to know the parents of their teen’s friends. Safety trumps privacy.
4. Parents need to take time to listen. Parents will eventually get their chance to communicate their desires in the course of the conversation. A heated conversation tends to drive a wedge between parent and child. Raising a child is a labor of love. It’s our greatest work.
5. Take advantage of the programs available to you to better understand your teen. If you go to a program and only pick up one tiny idea it just might be the tiny idea that keeps your teen from making a bad choice.