Mac Mini User Guide

On the front of your Mac smaller than usual is a space stacking optical drive. The inherent infrared (IR) beneficiary deceives the privilege of the opening, and the power pointer light is at the base right-hand corner.


At the back of the Mac smaller than expected, you have two lines of highlights. Along the best column, from left to right, are


the power catch


a security space for a link and bolt


a sound in/optical advanced sound in port


an earphone out/optical advanced sound out port


Along the base line, from left to right, are


a power port


an Ethernet port (10/100/1000Base-T)


a FireWire 400 port


a DVI video out port


four USB 2.0 ports


Airplane terminal Extreme remote innovation and Bluetooth® remote innovation are inside your Mac smaller than expected.


Power connector


Strip away the plastic film from your Mac scaled down and the power connector. Place the Mac smaller than expected on a firm surface right side up or on its side, and near an electric attachment. Your screen, console and mouse ought to likewise be close nearby.


Associate the power string to the power connector


Put the attachment on the finish of the power connector’s lead into the Mac smaller than expected’s energy port


Connect the power string to the electric attachment


It would be ideal if you note: never put anything on your Mac small. Questions on your Mac smaller than usual may disturb the optical drive, the AirPort Extreme remote flag, and the Bluetooth® remote flag.


Fringe set-up


Your Mac little is BYODKM – bring your own show, console and mouse. Utilize the ones you as of now have (any are appropriate).


Console and mouse


Associate your console to a USB port on the back of the Mac smaller than expected. Interface your mouse to a USB port on the console or on the Mac small.


Windows-based consoles might not have particular mac os high sierra cons Command and Option keys. The Windows logo key, be that as it may, is equal to the Mac OS X Command key, and the Alt key is proportionate to the Mac OS X Option key.


To alter the console


click Apple>System Preferences


click Keyboard and Mouse


pick Modifier keys


take after the screen directions


It would be ideal if you note: when you utilize a USB console and mouse made by an organization other than Apple, you may require programming drivers. On the off chance that you don’t as of now have these, visit the maker’s site and download them.


Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mighty Mouse


On the off chance that you have an Apple Wireless Keyboard and remote Mighty Mouse, take after the set-up systems contained in the proper manuals.




Utilize your Mac scaled down’s DVI video out port to associate a screen. In the event that you have a VGA screen, interface it to the Mac scaled down with the provided DVI to VGA connector.


If it’s not too much trouble take note of; your Mac smaller than expected backings advanced resolutions up to 1,920 x 1,200 pixels. This implies you can connect a 20 inch Apple Cinema Display or a 23 inch Apple Cinema HD Display.


Web or system


Associate your Mac smaller than expected to the Internet or a system remotely or by utilizing a link.


Remote. Your Mac smaller than expected has worked in AirPort Extreme remote innovation. For more points of interest, go to Menu Bar; select Help>Mac Help; and snap Library>AirPort Help.


Link. Essentially plug one end of an Ethernet link into your Mac smaller than expected, and the other into a link modem, DSL modem, or system.


Exchanging on


Power catch


To begin your Mac smaller than usual, press the power catch situated on the back.


Setup Assistant


When you first utilize your Mac small, Setup Assistant shows up. This empowers you to build up your


client account


Web get to


email points of interest


In the event that you effectively claim a Mac, you can utilize Setup Assistant to exchange programming and documents to your Mac small scale. On the off chance that you want to hold up before you exchange data, utilize Migration Assistant at a later date.


Select the Applications envelope


Open Utilities


Double tap Migration Assistant




To change the design of Desktop – the primary screen that shows up when you’ve completed with Setup Assistant – go to the Menu Bar and select Apple>System Preferences. For more points of interest on what you can do to tweak your Mac smaller than expected, select Mac Help and look for “Framework inclinations”.


Rest mode and closing down


Rest mode


On the off chance that you mean to be far from your Mac smaller than normal for only a brief time, you can place it in rest mode as opposed to close it down. Just pick one of the accompanying activities:


press and hold your Apple Remote’s Play/Pause catch for three seconds


select Apple>System Preferences; pick Energy Saver; set the clock


press the power catch


select Apple>Sleep on the Menu Bar


When you’re prepared to wake your Mac small, press any of your Apple Remote’s catches or any key on your console.


Close down


Close down your Mac smaller than usual by choosing Apple>Shut Down. To turn it on yet again, press the power catch.


It would be ideal if you note: don’t move your Mac smaller than usual before you’ve closed it down. You can harm the hard plate in the event that you move the PC while the circle is turning.


Essential OS X direct


Working framework


Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard is your Mac little’s working framework. It runs your documents, programming and fringe gadgets, and is comparable on a fundamental level to Windows.




Your controls are your mouse, console and Apple Remote. In case you’re more used to Windows, you’ll soon find that Mac OS X is simpler to explore and speedier.


Primary highlights


Exploring your Mac smaller than expected’s screens is simple. There are plain as day windows, menus, and easy routes, in addition to the accompanying fundamental highlights:


Work area






Menu bar


Work area


Work area is where you regularly begin each time you switch on your Mac smaller than usual. The screen shows your HD (hard drive) symbols. Select a HD symbol to see the records and applications it contains. When you connect a fringe gadget to your Mac smaller than expected, the suitable symbol shows up on Desktop.


Focuses to note:


Utilize Desktop to store your envelopes, pictures, records and different archives


Mac OS X gives every client of your Mac small scale a different Desktop


Work area lies behind any of the applications you run




The symbols at the base of the screen are the Dock. Utilize the symbols to get to your most regularly utilized applications, organizers, documents and windows.


At the point when a window shows up, take note of that it has three shaded catches in the upper left-hand corner.


Red shuts the window


Yellow limits the window to the Dock


Green expands and limits the window’s size




The Dock symbol on the far left is the Finder. You can utilize Finder to deal with your envelopes, drives and applications.


Menu Bar


Mac OS X has only one Menu Bar. It shows up on your screen as a line at the best.


Utilize the Menu Bar to


work with a program


view and change settings and programming


close programming


check your current work


sign in


log out


put your Mac smaller than expected into rest mode


restart your Mac smaller than expected


turn off


The Menu Bar changes to give you the most reasonable alternatives for the product you’re running.




For a rundown of association ports, see First steps – Basic highlights.


The FireWire 400 port is perfect for interfacing fast gadgets. These incorporate computerized camcorders and hard drives. The four USB 2.0 ports are for gadgets, for example, your console, mouse, iPod, printer, camera, and recreations controller. Your Mac smaller than usual will perceive a large number of these without the need to run programming since Apple pre-introduces several fringe drivers at its production line to make associations as fast and simple as could be expected under the circumstances.


Utilize your sound in/optical computerized sound in port for a mouthpiece. Utilize the earphone out/optical advanced sound out port for a couple of earphones or speakers. You can likewise utilize either port for your computerized sound gear as suitable.mac