Affordable Childcare Scheme now available

Affordable Childcare

The Affordable Childcare Scheme is now available. This is a non means test subsidy available to all parents towards the cost of childcare. CCS, CEC, and CETS scheme also available to cover the cost of childcare for parents in education, participating in Community Employment Schemes and in receipt of payments from the DSP (Dept. of Social Protection).

From this month (September 2017), subsidies are being provided to make childcare more affordable for families. For children aged between 6 months and 36 months, a universal childcare subsidy will be available for all families. This will subsidize Tusla-registered childcare for up to €1,040 per year.

Also, there are supports available for those who need it most. Many more children under 15 years of age will be eligible for a means-tested subsidy. There will be subsidies of up to €7,500. This is the first big step to achieving affordable and accessible quality childcare.